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    Angry Palmetto State Armory - SLOW as a Chevette with 3 cylinders unplugged!

    Palmetto State Armory as an Online Gun Dealer is TERRIBLE.

    Beautiful website that is a real pleasure to browse and use. This is where the positives come to an END. They are extremely SLOW to ship and have very poor communication skills. And before anyone even tries to defend their BS as a "pandemic gun surge issue" - just DON'T. A cursory Google will reveal this is a Standard Way of Life for this jack ass company from long before Covid 19.

    That really is no excuse anyway. If demand is too great you either need to hire more help or start limiting orders or something until you can catch up. In 2020 (and really for the past decade or so) if you are an online dealer of ANY KIND you need to SHIP the product out within 48 business hours of taking the customer's money. OR at the very least you need to answer all emails within 24 business hours. But perhaps their biggest sin is not ANSWERING the damned phone! They sent me a rather threatening email 5-6 days after I placed my order (which still hasn't shipped after 16 days) saying if I didn't get my FFL's paperwork corrected they would return my item to stock and cancel the order. Well the FFL I chose is the very respected and well known Top Shot of Evansville (formerly J & S). I got with Brian at Top Shot and he was all over this emailing and calling to correct the problem. I assume this was related to the business name change. At any rate he told me they won't answer his emails OR the PHONE! So I emailed them about the issue and their response seemed canned and made no mention of the FFL problem:

    "Thank you for choosing Palmetto State Armory!

    We apologize for the delay in processing and shipping your order. Our normal shipping times have been impacted due to COVID-19 issues. This has caused a delay up to 7 business days beyond our normal shipping time.

    We are working to process and ship your order as fast as we can. Please bear with us as we work to continue to excel in the firearms industry by producing quality products at unbelievable prices with unparalleled customer service, and product reliability.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.

    Best Regards,

    Palmetto State Armory Customer Service"

    WTF??????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????

    They will get no more of money.

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    If you're lucky, you'll get two...
    "'Gun guys' can find a way to get butthurt about just about anything."

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    I picked them mainly because they SAY they have stock in the gun model I wanted...and they seem to be really well known. I figured "safe bet"....boy was I wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by avboiler11 View Post

    If you're lucky, you'll get two...
    Much like I told my boss... I can be on time, awake or wearing pants. Pick two...
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    I'm not sticking up for them but, I have ordered a butt load of SS109 in the last rew years from them and its always been on my porch in 4-5 days from ordering.
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    I have ordered from them in the past. Hit and miss. Mostly miss. But, I know that and I order stuff when I'm in no hurry. That way I get the deal, the quality and the service!

    I did talk to them 3 years or so ago at the NRA show. They acknowledged that they grew so fast that they were unprepared. They said they were working on getting things squared away.

    I don't think they ever did. I'm guessing it's in their business model. Probably has to do with payables and receivables.

    I won't say I won't buy from them again, but I don't go to them first...or second.

    Then again, I'm not buying these days anyway. I have a gun.
    Anything is possible

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    I've ordered from them twice in the past when they had bolt carrier groups on sale. One time it took 4 days from ordering to arrival, the other time it took 3 weeks. I will probably buy from them again if the price is right but never for something i am in a hurry for and i will never order an ffl item from them.

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebHobbit View Post
    I picked them mainly because they SAY they have stock in the gun model I wanted...and they seem to be really well known. I figured "safe bet"....boy was I wrong!
    These folks are always in slow gear when any crisis hits and trust me we are in a gun/ammo/parts crisis. I stopped using PSA due to this very issue.
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    Absolutely HORRENDOUS customer service. Bunch of f***ing idiots. But they sell good quality stuff at low prices. Just know you're going to wait for it.
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    I ordered a ar pistol kit and lower Wednesday. Lower shipped Thursday and kit shipped today. I'll update when I have more shipping info.

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