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Thread: Aim Surplus - Proceed with caution

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    Aim Surplus - Proceed with caution

    Placed an order on 9/22, received quickly and decided to return. Processed return online and shipped back to Aim Surplus, tracking shows that item received by them on 10/5. Now, they are not answering their phones (because they have to concentrate on getting orders out...) and apparently are not answering emails to customer service to inquire about status of a refund or possible exchange. Might be a time to deal with someone else to give them a chance to get caught up. FWIW.

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    I just got a box of ammo this week from. Came pretty quick. I have never had to return anything but I have bought from them without any issue for several years.

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    I go in there at least monthly. I promise you their people are good, they are running constant overtime trying to keep up with volume. What kind of items did you return?

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    Never any issues with Aim Surplus over the years, though I don't remember ever returning anything to them either. Brownells once took almost a month to fully process a return for me and that was pre-Covid.
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    Have you tried mailing an old fashioned letter with a stamp?

    Not what you should have to do in today’s market but postal mail is a great way around technology. Email boxes get cluttered and overwhelmed. Constantly ringing phones get ignored or just too busy to answer.

    Everyone still opens their postal mail.
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    LOVE AIM SURPLUS . I've Bought from them for years but Never returned anything. If you think their CS is BAD, Steer Clear of Midway USA. ZERO Customer Service and Response . Larry Potterfield is No Longer in Charge and if the new guy Exists he Must be in the Bahamas .
    No longer a MIDWAY CUSTOMER .
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    Been buying from AIM Surplus for years, never had an issue, great company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmbutch View Post
    Been buying from AIM Surplus for years, never had an issue, great company.

    I've had the same experience. Excellent company, great customer service and products.

    We are living through difficult times. All of us. Could we please refrain from badgering good companies?
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    I deal with outside vendors all the time and due to the virus related crap lead times and customer service on almost everything is crap. I doubt that there are too many industries being more pressured than the firearms industries, anyone that wants to add to their pressures and than complain about them must live in a pretty perfect bubble isolated from the rest of the worlds issues.

    To add, if I buy something and there is an issue with it than it think it is fair to return it, if I buy something and than change my mind I figure the seller did their obligation and what I bought is now my responsibility and returning it is a low class move

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    Recently ordered something from Aim Surplus and I accidentally broke it the day I got it. I called them and they sent me a replacement at no charge with two day shipping.
    Great experience, sorry yours was different.
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