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    ATF Spec Demilled Complete WWII M3A1 Grease Gun Parts Kits

    WTS ATF Spec Demilled Complete WWII M3A1 Grease Gun Parts Kits. This is the only website these will be offered on for an outright sell. They will be available here until they are gone. I will only bump this once a week since it is such a specialty item. They are currently being sold one at a time on a major online auction but I will sell them here for at least one week for my original starting opening bid over there which is $750.00 FTF or plus shipping.

    I have 10 9 6 M3A1 kits left. I don't think kits in this quantity have been offered in complete form with all the receiver parts in a looooooong time that I know of (1970's/1980's) This kits are like new and are straight from the factory. Most do not even have serial numbers on them which means they were never even delivered to the US military. These can be used to display as is, build into semi-suto (closed bolt) weapons (see link below), build into post dealer sample machineguns (possession by dealers only) or build into dummy guns for display or WWII, Korean or Vietnam War reenactment.

    These are considered parts and require no background check. They can me mailed to a private address and do not need a FFL or transfer. I WILL NOT MAIL THESE OUT OF INDIANA FOR THIS FIXED PRICE, THIS IS AN INGO MEMBERS DEAL ONLY!!!!!! Email with questions.

    Prexis: New Products coming soon

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