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    LNIB Vortex Sparc AR Red Dot

    Ran this on my PCC TODAY...and it was awesome sauce... NOT FOR SALE.

    Got this as part of a trade deal and I'm going with a 1-4 optic so this will just waste away in the safe. My loss your gain. Its been mounted, I took it off its mount and repackaged it.

    If you didnt know Vortex optics come with a lifetime no questions asked warranty.

    You dont need a receipt, it doesnt just cover factory defects, they cover any and all defects, even if you caused them.

    $150 Any place around Indianapolis.

    Love this review...he shoots it with a shotgun at the end

    Just PM me, no reason to bump the thread for questions.

    I have taken the unit off its mount. I am including a T10 tip since the original T10 wrench wasnt in the box.

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    Weekend price drop good for today ONLY 10/11/2018 ...______ ...if you meet in Anderson at 9 Guns parking lot.

    back up to $150, but I am willing take a little less if you meet me close to my location. I could be anywhere around Indy.
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