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    SPECIAL OFFER: Polymule - The All-Terrain Utility Cart w/ UPHILL Assist

    This is a LIMITED TIME - LIMITED QUANTITY offering.
    We are currently accepting pre-orders. 'INGO' members can take advantage of an exclusive discount which can only be accessed through the links below. Read on to learn more...

    Polymule is the world's first All-Terrain Utility Cart w/ UPHILL Assist. It stacks, stows, assembles in one-minute without tools, can hold 400lbs of gear, and has 20" of ground clearance. Polymule makes hauling large loads on rough terrain EFFORTLESS thanks to oversized wheels and sealed precision bearings.

    Our product is perfect for gun enthusiasts who need to haul extra gear to the range OR survivalists who are concerned about getting around if vehicles become unavailable due to fuel shortages, an EMP, etc. Easily haul bug-out supplies, water, heavy tactical gear, ice chests, big game, firewood, or camping equipment.

    OVERBUILT in every way, Polymule makes use of a SPECIAL DUTY POLYMER that has decades of UV stability and retains it's high-impact strength even at cryogenic temps (think -60 degrees Fahrenheit). With a warranty that is 20x the industry standard, you can be as confident as we are that the Polymule was built to last.


    Polymule quickly stacks and stows, fits in most vehicle trunks, and even functions as a vehicle cargo carrier with the optional roof-rack kit. Completely tool-less, the side-rails slide in while the frame folds to the bottom. Wheels fit neatly inside (even when stacked), and loose components snap securely into the struts for safe keeping.


    Similar to a socket wrench, the standard UPHILL Assist system prevents reverse movement of the cart on slopes, making uphill travel much EASIER and SAFER if you need to adjust your grip, footing, or if you need to take a rest.


    We are a small group of liberty-loving, gun-owning Americans who are offering Polymule at an exclusive discount for 'INGO' members. In addition to the limited-time 30% off, get an extra $30, $45, or $60 off (use the 'SECRET PERK' links below to claim your discount).





    Ask away. We've put thousands of hours over the last two years into product development and testing. The Polymule was designed with master's prepared mechanical engineers and was built to be simple stupid.

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