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    30 July 2016 - MCFG - Basic Pistol, Ladies Only - AAR

    Date: 30 July 2016

    Location: Marion County Fish & Game, Indianapolis, IN

    Course format: 1-Day Basic Pistol, Ladies Only

    Name (Screen Name)
    TJ Kackowski (TJ Kackowski)
    Brian Heeter (brianheeter)
    Steve Martin (stagehand steve)
    Alex Martin (Riflegirl)
    Amy Pfaff (Auntie Bellum)
    Chrissy Anderson ( unknown screen name )
    Nick Anderson (indygunguy)
    (Molly Pitcher)
    Jake Woodcock (308jake)
    John Hopkins (flyswatter / hop)

    Number of Adults: 16 Women

    Number of Youth: 1 Young Woman

    The Bad:
    1. Late in the afternoon, one lady began to succumb to the heat. Rayne, fresh from her Atterbury heat exposure training course, took charge of the patient and all was well by the end of the day.

    The Good:
    1. This was the very first public Basic Pistol course conducted by Revere’s Riders. Everybody was safe and showed improvement. All the students expressed having had a good time, and some want to get more training from RR. As the ED attempted to present a quick closing, all he could see were the smiling faces of the students looking back at him.

    2. Check-in was super smooth. Each student arrived with a completed, signed waiver in hand, and exact change for the range fee!

    3. Kudos to Molly Pitcher for providing the Instructors with pistol specific laminated cheat sheets at the morning Instructor briefing. This was most helpful and kept the rifle lingo creeping into our instruction / line commands to a minimum.

    4. We had nearly a 2:1 student to instructor ratio for this event. This was a good ratio to provide adequate personal instruction and to keep everybody safe. We also noted that more than half of the volunteers present were certified NRA Pistol Instructors.

    5. Shooting steel at the end was very well received. The suppressed pistols that were made available for the students to shoot at that time were also a big hit.

    Changes for Next Event:
    1. COI will be slightly modified to flow better and make better use of available time.

    2. Limit the number of students at this venue to 15; 9 in the left bay, and 6 in the right bay. Maintain the 2:1 student to instructor ratio.

    3. More tables for the equipment area.

    4. Set up pop-up canopies over the tables at the firing line, or have more towels available to cover the pistols from the sun. Suggest that students bring light-weight gloves or shooting gloves to use if no cover is available.

    5. There are two unisex restrooms available at this venue in the club house. We might consider ordering a porta potty to be set up in the parking lot closer to the pistol bays. On-site discussion with several club officers indicated this might result in damage to the porta potty if they are not retrieved soon after the event. This needs to be investigated.
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    Do these classes follow the general format and content of the NRA Basic Pistol classes? What is the qualification course like?

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    The qualification is the same, but the scoring is slightly different. The NRA course is more classroom time with less shooting. Whereas, we mix the instruction with the shooting. We use a lot of the same materials/instruction, but some of the drills are specific to our course. At the end of the day though, they're both BASIC pistol courses. I hope that helps, and we'd love to see you at an event sometime. In 2017, there will be more advanced pistol offerings just like we have KD and UKD rifle events.
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    What an event! These awesome ladies came with great attitudes, and a willingness to learn. What more could we ask for?

    First up: A group shot. Thanks to the NRA foundation for providing supplies needed to put this event on.

    Here is a look at the steel that was shot at the end of the day.

    This post isn't complete without a pic of the cans that were brought out to shoot steel

    And now a disclaimer:

    While I made EVERY effort to get quality pictures of each and every one of the shooters, with 2 lines running simultaneously, there is a chance that I missed someone. If I did, you have my apologies. Some of these shots were taken from behind as there simply wasn't room for me to get between the shooters at times to get perfect sideways shots.

    With that said, here is a link to all the photos. These are able to be downloaded, emailed, etc :

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    [edit - Doh, let me rephrase that.]

    Revere's Riders Instructor - Master Rifle KD, Master Pistol

    NRA Pistol instructor | NRA Rifle instructor | NRA RSO
    Classes and info here:

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