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    Revere’s Riders - Rifle 125 - 2-Day Basic Rifle - 22-23 April - Bedford

    There are 5 people already signed up ... what are you waiting for? The Bedford Contingent range is one of the finest ranges in South Central Indiana. Plus the food is world famous.

    Get your spot on the line while the getting is good. Bring your family and bring your friends. If you don't have any friends, show up to this event and you'll make some.

    Here's the link to sign up ...

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    Marksman IndyMike2112's Avatar

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    I would love to... but have a previous engagement.
    "Ramseur! 10-16!"

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    Marksman ol' Huff's Avatar

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    I'm going.
    This ain't Sparta, its 'Murica.

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    Plinker Gaffer's Avatar

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    I am also attending. This is a heck of a value for a 2-day training event. I was privileged to attend the 2-day carbine training at the Bedford Contingent Range back in December, and that was a well run, safe and educational gathering. So looking forward to this event!


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    i will be at the Liberty, Indiana shoot the following month.
    Team Wiseguys

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    Quote Originally Posted by jve153 View Post
    i will be at the Liberty, Indiana shoot the following month.
    Excellent! The event at Liberty (Richmond) is going to be a special event. We'll see you there.

    I'm sure you're aware that it is acceptable, and highly encouraged, for people to attend more than one Revere's Rider event. Especially when you bring friends and family to share the joy of rifle shooting and learning.

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    I'll be there with a friend of mine. Looking forward to it!

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    Sharpshooter MohawkSlim's Avatar

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    Count me in for Sunday.

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    Plinker sofrosune's Avatar

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    Signed up and looking forward to it.

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    There's still room on the line for this event, and the Early Bird Registration ends tomorrow, 07 April ...

    The time to act is NOW!

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