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    Quote Originally Posted by Kpquinn9100 View Post
    Done deal. One guy is committed. Waiting on confirmation from the other.

    This isnít the same class thatís considered field rifle thatís also at atterbury right? If not, is there any field rifle classes in the near future? And whatís the difference between the two?

    I think I read field went out to 5-600yds and Iím guessing it doesnít incorporate the pop up targets. Iím sure thereís more instruction on field as this one states thereís not much. Either way Iíd like to do both!
    The 2 events are completely different, and there is a KD shoot (Marty Brown Memorial) at Atterbury on 11/3-4/18. This one is for those who have been to event in the past and want to shoot at actual distance vs 25yd. Here is the link:
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    No, not the same as a Camp Atterbury KD. We don't have a KD on the schedule there this year. We do, however, have a 2nd Annual Marty Brown Memorial shoot on the schedule there.

    What you learn in our basic rifle 25 yd class is also used at the KD shoot + learning come ups and reading the wind. Most shooting is done at 100, 200, 300, 400 but we'll go out to 500 if time permits.
    The pop up shoot will require a battle sight zero. You won't have time to dope your scope. You'll need to quickly asses target distance & apply the correct hold to hit one or more targets before they "time out" and disappear from view. I know the pop up pistol range popped up two targets at once. I'll assume the rifle range has that capability as well. There's several target scenarios to pick from in the control booth.

    The Memorial shoot is a friendly high power rifle competition from 100 - 400 yards. There won't be any instruction. You will get some sighters at each distance.
    I barely won the match last year over Rayne (fellow RR instructor). She's coming at me hard this year though. It'll be a tough title defense. I might need help again from Jake & Nigel (inside joke)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sht4brnz View Post
    AR Irons work at 1000yds

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    Dang it... gettin' butterflies...
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    Good deal. Iíll check out the Marty brown invitational as well. Thanks guys!

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    oops... I posted about butterflies in the wrong thread!
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