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    Carbine 223 - You asked for it, you got it!

    Revere's Riders is putting on a 1-day Carbine course in Seelyville on Dec. 8th, 2018. We're sneaking it in before the end of the year!

    Here's your chance to take America's Rifle and get up off your belly, move around and do some tactical-style shooting. At this clinic we'll cover how to use the Carbine to shoot multiple targets at various distances. The overall goal of this course is for you to get comfortable using your AR up close AND being able to make aimed shots at longer ranges. We're putting a practical spin on our normal rifle training and leaning toward defensive use. It'll be fun for the whole family!

    For more information and to sign up -

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    Plinker Kpquinn9100's Avatar

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    Carbine qualifier at end of the day?

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    Dented Helmet Gaffer's Avatar

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    I'm in! Looking forward to this. I assume it will be either very cold, or raining :>)


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    Sharpshooter MohawkSlim's Avatar

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    There will be a qualifier at the end. Get your "WELL REGULATED" patch!

    Glad to hear you'll be joining us, Ron. Typically the weather that weekend is quite pleasant. We all fear the big storm but it's usually 55 and sunny. Perfect! And either way.... Charlie don't care bout no weather!

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    Well, the two day carbine in December 2016 was in the 20's the first day, and pretty much rained on us most of the second day. But it was a GREAT experience, and I learned a lot about just dealing with the weather. I think dealing with weather is a part missed in a lot of training. You did teach us to "Embrace the Suck!"

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    I loved taking a pistol class in the rain. It was awesome, actually.
    "Ramseur! 10-16!"

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    Tetsu ōkami Ruger_Ronin's Avatar

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    Just got registered. Looking forward to this course!
    "You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent"-Fundamentals of chess 1883

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    Ok I am in!
    U.S. Army retired

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    This clinic is shaping up nicely. If you're interested in going, make sure you sign up early to reserve your spot on the line. So far, we've sold out every Carbine clinic we've held in the Hoosier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohawkSlim View Post
    Charlie don't care bout no weather!
    Ya know, I'm with you here... but others have retreated both times the foulness appeared.

    When you need to use it, the conditions won't be perfect then either! Adapt, improvise and overcome

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