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    Ladies Only 1-Day Pistol 100, June 22, 2019, Richmond, IN

    This will be our 2nd Ladies Only Pistol 100 course for 2019 and will be held at the A&A Optics private range just southwest of Richmond, IN. For those that haven't attended an event at the A&A range, you are really missing out as Alan & Mae are FANTASTIC hosts.

    Plenty of tickets remain for this event; however, we did sell out our 1st Ladies Only Pistol 100 at MCFG earlier this year (so don't wait too long to purchase a ticket). Tickets and complete event information can be found on the Revere's Riders website:

    Bruce Williams
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    We had another great group of women shooters at this event. Our gracious hosts, A&A Optics were once again very generous to us all!

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    All of those ladies are eligible for the Pistol 145 class.

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