From now until July 18th, get 17.76% (yes, it's a goofy % off so shoot me!) off any of our "regular event" tickets (Pistol 100, Whittemore Weekend, Rifle 125, Rifle 223). Use code "birth-of-a-nation-2019".

This does NOT include the Marty Brown Memorial Open on Aug. 3-4 and some other events that we categorize as "special events"; however, you should consider coming to the Marty Brown Memorial Open anyway. It will be a charity event with 50% of your ticket purchase going to Ovar'coming Together, an Indianapolis-based non-profit that supports women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

In addition, there will be $10,000+ worth of items that will go into a "swag bag" you will receive with your ticket purchase, every paid participant gets a random gift with their ticket purchase (up to a Mossberg International Silver Reserve 20ga youth shotgun or an Indy Arms Co 6-month range pass), skills contest prizes (includes a IWI Jericho pistol, a Taurus G2 pistol, Timber Creek AR-15 build kit, etc.) and finally a bunch of great items to bid on in the silent auction (signed Ted Nugent memorabilia, Vortex riflescopes/binoculars/etc, concealed carry purses, etc.). 75% of the skills contest and silent auction proceeds will go to Ovar'coming Together as well.

The full list of what is included in your "swag bag", the list of gifts, skills contest prizes and silent auction items can be found here: 2019 Marty Brown Memorial Open Swag Bags, Give Aways, Prizes, Auctions.

Get a ticket for an upcoming Revere's Riders event with the the discount code and buy your Marty Brown Memorial Open ticket as well!