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    Addictive, isn't it?
    Several posts here from others way more qualified than me. I got hooked about a year ago. Dryfire? agreed. Live fire...maybe, but not so much for me if I am shooting steel every other week in the summer. I do something that I haven't seen here yet though. During the week leading up to the match I find my self raising my arms as if holding a weapon/gun with my trigger finger extended. I do this more as an exercise to train/speed up/remind to FOCUS on the "front sight." I practice getting quickly focused on the furthest part of my extended finger. I also will do the same thing using a spot on the wall. A tile, a coat hook, whatever. I can do this at work at random times when not at the desk. on break, between the stairwell when not occupied (obviously avoiding cameras or people). It doesn't seem to hurt. What do others say?

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    As others stated.
    Shooting a match is what you can do on demand. You can't magically shoot at a significantly higher level by force of will.

    Some obsess hard and rise quickly by doing whatever works for them in a regimented fashion.
    Some just shoot matches and improve slowly over time.
    All get pissed and frustrated at times at lack of results.

    It's a hobby. Not a job. Do with it what you can and try to remember to enjoy it.


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