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    10/4, thank you G7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nipplehead View Post
    Any State known level match should be known at least 4 monthes ahead ! WTF Atlanta NO Excuse for this. Steel Challenge has been growing , and your dropping the ball ! Riley did a fantastic job last year and everybody knew when the match was. After ACC does this years match, Maybe you should do a little soul searching for future State Steel Matches at your club. There still is no confirmed date, its only a rumor at this point 3rd Saturday in November ? Please get this Match Confirmed and at least on your calender.
    Well Said!!!
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    has the tier 2 scsa form been sent in to get the match sanctioned?
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    Looks like we have some volunteer's for new Match Directors in Indiana.
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    Nov 18 in northern Indiana, good luck with the weather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mongo404 View Post
    Looks like we have some volunteer's for new Match Directors in Indiana.
    I am just making sure that it is following the correct procedure to get on the match calendar in order to help get the word out
    i know a guy that can help promote it, as long as it is sanctioned correctly, cause rules for affiliated clubs
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    Still waiting for an actual official match announcement. Jake I hope the proper paper work gets filed, but at this point the match appears to be an after thought as opposed to a priority ! I have guys asking me all year when it was going to be, every time I looked at atlantas calender , every time nothing. A stark contrast from last years match at Riley and promotion. To be clear I'm not trying to bash Atlanta, That club has hosted numberous big and state level matches and did a wonderful job every time. Its a great facility and guys like Mongo put on great USPSA matches. Simply greatly disappointed at the handling of this Steel Challenge match that some people have been looking forward to since last years match.

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    The Indiana State SCSA match has now been added to the SCSA calendar (pending approval from Troy McManus... The paperwork has been started).
    18 NOV 2017
    Sign-up will be via PractiScore, once we get that set up. (ETA next Monday).

    nipplehead is correct; I should have announced this match sooner on InGO, and other places. I have been promoting it since at least March, maybe Jan or Feb; during monthly matches, but delayed public promotion due to the Area 5 match being in close time proximity. I wanted to move the State Match as far away from the Area 5 as I could (without making it in December or February ...)

    I do not have access to ACC's calendar, but I know the guy who does and will get this match on there.

    Definitely NOT an after-thought -- this will be the 10th one I have run, and would like to think I'm getting the hang of it. Debatable, I'm sure !!!

    The 2019 match date has been set, as well. It will be on 16 NOV 2019 (also pending Troy's approval).

    The 2018 match will be at Riley, likely.

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    Thanks G7, Looking forward to your match.
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    Still havent seen it announced or practiscore.. Am i missing it? ...G7?

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