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    Indiana State Steel Challenge?? ACC??

    Hey all, ive heard from several people that IN state SCSA was happening at ACC.. however i have yet to see it posted anywhere.. Im new to these forums and looked for quite a while and have yet to come across it. Anyone know if it is happening at ACC, what date, when its going to be posted, or any info at all? Thanks guys.

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    Eric (Bang&Clang) are you out there?? Eric runs the ACC Steel Shoots, he will be with us soon

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    Appreciate that BJones.
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    State SCSA will be the 3rd Saturday in November 11-18-2017 at ACC. According to a text conversation I had with Eric
    USPSA @ Atlanta conservation club/ It'z Just What We Do!

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    Thanks Mongo, can you try to speak with Eric and get this officially announced? Trying to get the time off of work and arrange it but haven't yet until it's been announced officially. Thanks.
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    Any State known level match should be known at least 4 monthes ahead ! WTF Atlanta NO Excuse for this. Steel Challenge has been growing , and your dropping the ball ! Riley did a fantastic job last year and everybody knew when the match was. After ACC does this years match, Maybe you should do a little soul searching for future State Steel Matches at your club. There still is no confirmed date, its only a rumor at this point 3rd Saturday in November ? Please get this Match Confirmed and at least on your calender.

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    So if it's SCSA.... Steel Challenge Match Rules will apply...all measured Stages and Classifiers will be sent this correct??

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    Yes that is correct bearswoodshop. And I completely agree nipplehead. We need an official announcement and we need it now.
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    We have a steel Challenge Match Saturday at Atlanta... still not posted for sign up.... breakdown in communication?? ..I enjoy shootin at Atlanta..and The people are the best...but it always seems to be a last of the moment effort...if I can help... just ask

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    SCSA State match will be on 18 November 2017.

    Details to follow . . . (by tomorrow = Wednesday . . .)


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