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    Friday Night Steel at Marion County Fish and Game

    F.N.S. This Friday at M.C.F.&G. Looks like it will be dry.
    As a reminder 465 on the south west side of Indy will be closed on Friday evening so plan accordingly.
    We will Set up at 5:00 your help would be appreciated
    Sign in after set up
    Shooters meeting is 6:15 you must attend the meeting to shoot
    Plan on brining extra mags, speed loaders, and ammo.
    Remember we a cold range no gun handling unless at the safe table.

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    Planning on being there!

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    There is one stage, one string only, 18 rds. Also 465 south side shutdown is at 9pm so should not impact arrivals.
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    Looking forward to the match. I just wish it was a 3x18 round stage

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    The range's gate issue will not impact this match. We are GO for tonight.

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    Owner at Bobcat Armament

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    See you guys tonight!

    If anyone needs any ammo or supplies....let me know before 4 and I'll get them tossed in the truck and bring to the match.
    Bobcat Armament
    1632 E State Road 44
    Shelbyville, Indiana 46176

    Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 11AM-6PM

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    Stage #5 was the best.....
    Remember to use what Mother Nature gave you BEFORE Father Time takes it away!!!!

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    Fun night, thanks to all the ROs and thanks Craig for getting scores up quick

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    Diamond Collision Inc. Avon. AllenM's Avatar

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    Thanks for another great night. Stage 5 was fun, once you were next in line
    07 FFL / SOT 2

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." ~Winston Churchill

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