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    Pistol Caliber Carbine Match @ ACC Saturday Jan 26

    Pistol Caliber Carbine Match

    Where: Atlanta Conservation Club (AAC)

    When: Jan 26. Setup time 10:30, registration 11:15, safety meeting 11:45 with shots fired after meeting

    Authorized Weapons: Long & Short barrel rifles chambered in 9MM/.40/.45 ACP calibers only for this match! No pistol braces!


    Registration URL:

    Match fee: 10.00/5.00 for ACC members

    Overview: We are going to try and squeeze in a couple carbine matches this winter. However, we are making a couple format changes for this match:

    1) pistol-caliber carbines ONLY! This is because we are using alot of steel targets to make the match move faster
    2) Late start on setup
    3) Smaller squads capped at 3 X 15 shooters per squad MAX
    4) Hi-cap mags: load-em up!

    If anyone does not have a PCC weapon, but they really want to try the match, join squad one. I will bring an MPX & B&T GHM-9 (Both SBR's & suppressed) if you want to run a gun. Just bring factory 147GR 9MM ammo and let me know ahead of time.

    Hopefully the weather holds and we can have a great match! We will posting on in the event of canceling the match due to weather. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    The Mike's
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    This sounds like fun!

    ...but I'll be out of town. Hope I can make the next one!
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    depending on turn out/flow we will try and run another in February too. Given scheduling conflicts it is actually easier to execute a winter match if the weather is agreeable.

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    Just picked up a CZ Scorpion & it has folding this a gun I can use n PCC matches. I'm not sure of rules, but this sounds great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xterminator View Post
    Just picked up a CZ Scorpion & it has folding this a gun I can use n PCC matches. I'm not sure of rules, but this sounds great.
    Does it have a 16 barrel? If not it is probably a pistol and at this time we are not allowing them. It has more to do with the ATF ruling on such accessories and a strong desire to avoid putting a shooter on the line that could get them in trouble even remotely. At this time it is either A) Registered SBR's and other NFA items (I'm in this camp) B) legal barrel length of 16" since you will be shouldering it.

    Hopefully this spring/summer we will run a center-fire rifle caliber match and that will be in the 95% .223 AR-15. Otherwise my offers stands: squad on one and you can shoot one of my guns with me as your RO.

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    Thanks for info... unfortunately I Scorpion barrel is only 8" & gun is not registered as SBR.

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    Sweeeeeet. I'm going to try to make this. It will depend if I actually have my PCC put together by then! I'm waiting for a few things to ship.

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    What's the projected round count?
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    Quote Originally Posted by S8MS-01904 View Post
    What's the projected round count?
    Somewhere between 50-100. We haven't fleshed out the COF yet.

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    Once the round count is deciphered, please include the recommended magazine count and max load per mag
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