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    Some of you guys know about this. I want to tell you about a way to get into high-power shooting without having to spend a fortune and without getting into stuff you'd otherwise never shoot.

    If you were like me, you thought of HighPower shooting as a bit of an anachronism, like competitive horse shoeing. Shooting a Service rifle with a special shooting glove, sling, etc in the prone position to me just seems very uncomfortable and a little bit pointless. In my view, it's a sort of contrived difficulty. Supposedly using a sling makes it tougher, and then you use the glove and coat that make the artificially difficult sling that much easier. What's the point again? Why not just allow shooting off a bag or bipod like almost everyone would do an in actual shooting situation?

    So you want to shoot with a scope and off a rest? Well, then you're an F-class shooter. Only F class is a big money division with some guys spending more on their fancy adjustable front rests than I've spent on my rifle. Yes it's a good challenge, but again it has a lot of contrived competition stuff associated with it.

    MIDRANGE AR TACTICAL was created a few years ago as a run-what-you-brung kind of class. If you have an AR with a barrel < 20" and a scope <12x, it's probably legal for competition. Any caliber from 5.56 to .308 is allowed-- even a 6.5 Creedmoor gas gun.

    It's MUCH cheaper and more convenient to shoot. Plop down in the prone position and shoot your 20 rd string. Done. No exotic rests or medieval torture device slings or 22# rifles. No #1 fan-sized gloves. Just lie down and shoot your best.

    The targets are the same as regular HP rifle, so you get a generous 1 MOA X-ring.

    I've now fired a total of 80 rounds for record in a competitive environment. I'm only slightly less green than totally new. I compete with a stock rifle (except a stiffer recoil spring) and a $300 optic. It works just fine.

    And I can be reasonably competitive with only 6 months of reloading experience.

    In short, if you like AR and long range shooting, but don't want to get into contrived trappings of Palma, Service Rifle, or such-- and don't want to spent the fortune on gear that the F-class guys do, check out the Midrange AR tactical division.

    If your optic holds zero, you can buy some MK262 or GMM and be competitive. If you reload, anything 69gr or heavier will work pretty well if the wind isn't terrible.

    See you on the course!

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    State championships coming up. If you shoot one match all year, you can show up and be the state champ with no prior matches this year.


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    Hmm.... I literally have comwebs on my AR flash hider. Will check this out.

    Edit: I thought this was local. Nevermind.

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    any range in Indiana shooting this format?
    USPSA Indiana section coordinator. Riley Conservation Club President

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    Quote Originally Posted by happygunner View Post
    Hmm.... I literally have comwebs on my AR flash hider. Will check this out.

    Edit: I thought this was local. Nevermind.
    Where are you located?

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    Bump, we had a great weekend of shooting at Atterbury. Conditions were excellent and lots of very strong scores were posted. The Silver Mountain electronic targets worked flawlessly.

    Iím telling you, thereís no better way to get real data and real experience than shooting at long lines in real conditions. Easily worth the cost of admission.

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