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    Steel Challenge at Wildcat 6-22-2019

    Our next Steel Challenge match will be Saturday, June 22nd. This will be a five stage SCSA sanctioned match with at least 3 SCSA classifier stages (4 if we can make it work).

    Gates open at 9am

    Registration opens at 10am

    Shooters Meeting at 10:45am

    Match start is 11:00am

    Planned stages for this match (subject to change if necessary) are:
    SC-107 Speed Option
    SC-106 The Pendulum
    SC-104 Outer Limits
    SC-103 Smoke & Hope (if we have enough steel)

    Cost is $20 for the first gun ($15 for Wildcat Members) and $5 for each additional gun (max 3 guns per person)

    ROs shoot free, as always.
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    I’ll be there to warm up for Area 5

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    Steel Challenge at Wildcat 6-22-2019

    Wouldn’t miss it

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    Link to PractiScore registration can be found below
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    I almost forgot about ya...

    it was like monsoon season up here yesterday, hopefully i'll be dried out by then... I still smell like a wet dog

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    Thanks Aaron and everyone else that put this together today. Great squad and my 11 year old had a great time shooting steel.

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    I probably should have shot this today. Next weekend could be fugly
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    Fun time today! Great squad. Thanks to the Wildcat crew for hosting.
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