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    Question What's your training routine like?

    Pretty simple. I'm still new to the shooting sports and was wondering what the normal practice schedule of someone who wants to be competitive is. I'm not going to be winning any nations, my goal is to be competitive on a club level.

    What's your normal monthly round count?
    How many matches are you shooting?
    What's your dry fire schedule like?

    If your training has tapered off, what were you doing when you were first getting better?

    Any training breakthroughs you would like to share with the group?

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    Iím not very disciplined on my dry fire so itís two or three 25-30 minute sessions a week (on a good week)
    3-450 rounds per week live. Usually a couple movement drills, some stand and fire transition stuff and some plain marksmanship freestyle or strong/weak.
    I try to shoot a match every weekend and will do 2 if schedule allows. Itís feast or famine with my work schedule.
    I classified into C and didnít stay there long but have been stuck in the B doldrums for a little while. Iím ok with that as thatís my match performance now.
    Getting out of the indoor ranges and joining ACC has been big for me.

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    Training? Then I could not Suck-


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