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    SCCC USPSA July 14 th

    Silver Creek Conservation Club will host a USPSA match This Sunday the 14th . Setup Saturday @900 all setup help shoots free. Sunday morning setup @ 8 registration @9 go hot @1030 cost $20
    6 stages one will be a classifier we will need RO,S

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    See you there. Put me in with the Misfits, or whatever our squad is called these days.

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    Looking like I will have to work Sunday.

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    Thanks to everyone who came out. Thank you so much to the setup crew. Scores are up.

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    Fun day, good match, good people to shoot with.
    In a perfect world liberals would taste good and be easy to field dress.

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    Big Thanks to John for putting this Match on a very HOT Day. The STUPOR Squad was good as usuall. Thanks to all who helped with the R O ing. Max

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    Thanks to all that helped setup and run the match.
    It was WAY to hot and I shot mediocre as it was hard to focus in the heat.
    Had a great squad.

    Best part of the match for me was a friend that wife and I used to shoot with years ago and hadn't seen him for over 22 years rolled in and shot with us. He was up from Florida visiting and looked up a match and thought he would just show up and shoot. Had no idea if he would know anyone there and no idea that wife and I were there. He even showed up early and helped hang targets.
    He had another friend that showed up to shoot with him that we hadn't seen in a few years.
    Great to see them again and catch up a little.

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