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    Wildcat Steel Challenge match 8-24-2019

    This will be a standard Steel Challenge Match featuring 4 SCSA classifier stages and one additional non-classifier stage.

    NOTICE: There are a few changes for this match that everyone needs to be aware of. Since the matches have been filling up beyond capacity recently we are going to limit shooters to two guns per day and we will be adding some squads on Friday evening after setup.

    There will be two squads on Friday evening and then the normal five squads on Saturday. If you want to shoot more than two guns you can sign up for a Friday squad and a Saturday squad and shoot a total of 4 guns.

    Friday Schedule:
    Gates open at 5:00pm
    Registration opens at 5:15pm
    Shooters meeting at 5:45pm
    Match begins at 6:00pm

    Saturday Schedule:
    Gates open at 9:45am
    Registration opens at 10am
    Shooters meeting at 10:45am
    Match begins at 11am

    Match fees:
    $20 for the first gun ($15 for Wildcat Members, $10 for Juniors)
    $5 for each additional gun (max 2 per shooter per day)

    Wildcat is a cold range on match day, all guns should be unloaded before arrival. Chamber flags are mandatory on long guns and optional (but highly recommended) on cased handguns.

    Registration is on Practiscore:

    Planned SCSA Stages (subject to change):
    SC-107 Speed Option
    SC-106 The Pendulum
    SC-103 Smoke & Hope
    SC-104 Outer Limits
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    "Owning a gun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician." - Jeff Cooper

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    Iím in also.

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    i'm in too !

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    I have had a couple people ask if they can shoot a 3rd gun on Saturday if there is room.

    I certainly understand why people are interested in doing so, but for this match I'm going to maintain the restriction to two guns per session. Last minute changes to registration are the number one reason a match start is delayed. Adding a third gun based on space would, by its nature, have to be done last minute.

    We are trying out this format this month so it isn't set in stone moving forward. I want to see how this arrangement plays out and evaluate its effects.

    So for this match, two guns only per day. I do welcome any feedback you have about it as what shooters prefer will help guide how we structure future matches.
    "Owning a gun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician." - Jeff Cooper

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    I really liked the 2 day format. Helps those out with already busy weekends.

    Keep up the good work Aaron!

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    Nice match today Aaron! Nice going WVRPC!!!

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    Well run and fun match.

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    Thanks again Aaron and everyone that makes these matches happen.

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    Thanks Aaron really enjoyed the match. Looking forward to next time.

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