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    South Central Gun Club 1 Sep USPSA Match

    USPSA Match at SCGC 1 Sep
    Set up Saturday 31 Aug at 9am. Set up help shoots for FREE.
    6 Stages about 180 rds. Looks like 5 field courses and a Classifier.
    Final target set at 8am Sunday, Sign in at 9am go Hot at 10am.
    As always need ROs


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    I'll be there for both days. Put me in with the Misfits, please.

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    Iím not going to make this one. Work beacons.

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    Possible, will know Saturday night...
    Remember to use what Mother Nature gave you BEFORE Father Time takes it away!!!!

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    Out this month
    In a perfect world liberals would taste good and be easy to field dress.

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    Going to try and make this one, but with it being Labor Day weekend who knows what the social coordinator has planned.

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    I will be there!


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    Planning to be there.
    Thanks Craig

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    Cost to shoot?

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