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    I observed a match in July at Riley because reading the rulebook and posts on forums just do not answer all the questions. It was not so much how to attack a stage for me as it was the acceptable actions outside of your time actually shooting. Like where exactly is ammo allowed to be handled. Where is the safe area located? What exactly is allowed to be prepared in advance at a cold range vs hot? I spent the day following around one squad, asked a few questions, and taped targets and reset steel. All my questions were answered if I asked. No one actually talked to me outside of my questions but I still had a good time observing and decided I wanted to do it. A class is a good thing too and I would recommend traveling to Indy sometime and taking Coach's Into to USPSA class at Parabellum Shooting Range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rvb View Post
    I'm always afraid of the advice to go watch your first match.... I'm afraid it'll turn shooters away. I'm pretty sure I've seen people come watch one of our matches and never seen them again.

    USPSA is, frankly, very boring to watch, especially when you don't really know what's going on.

    But once you've finished your first stage and your hands are trembling from the adrenaline, your head is spinning, your heart is racing, you'll want nothing more than to get to the next stage to get to do it again. Then the idea that you could have done it better will kick in, and you'll be hooked.

    Show up ready to shoot, IMO, even w/ very basic gear like your carry holster and G26 and a couple spare mags stuffed into your back pocket...

    This is a true statement. For the last few years I had planned on coming out to the Fort Wayne match and watch. I finally came out this year and have shot two matches and then kids got in the way for the last two. I shoot my M&P. It is fun and yes you will get an adrenaline rush. People are more than helpful. Hopefully I can get to the October match.

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