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    ICORE match WVR&P club Sept. 29th.

    Wildcat Valley R & P club will host an ICORE match Sept. 29th
    Gate opens 08:00 am
    Registration at 09:00 am
    Shooters meeting 09:45 am
    Match at 10:00 am
    Match will consist of 5 stages.
    Approx. 100 rds. min.
    Cost is $15.00 for the first gun and $5.00 for each additional entry.
    R.O. and set-up help shoot for free. Anyone that brings their own stage to be set-up
    will also receive a free entry.

    Go here to register;

    See you at the range, Bob

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    Marksman Whip_McCord's Avatar

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    Sounds great. Last night I was loading up some ammo for this match. Just need to load some moonclips.

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    Expert BJones's Avatar

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    ICORE is great fun. I am going to try to make it this time.

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    Marksman Whip_McCord's Avatar

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    Moonclips are loaded and I'm ready for the match. Just want to make sure you didn't get flooded out from all the rain. I'm further north, so maybe we got more rain than you. Thanks.

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