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    Warsaw Steel Challenge

    Hey guys,

    I was considering shooting the Warsaw Steel Challenge this Saturday for the first time. It would be my first legitimate competition, but Iíve shot a couple ďtactical pistolĒ evenings at Paradise Pass on Thursday nights. Anyways, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or tips for a new competition shooter. Iíve been behind a gun for several years, but the competition realm is something new to me.

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    User Info Menu a fellow newb, I would say to make sure you focus on safety and relaxed fun at first. Don't worry, the competition bug will bite and rear its head soon enough. But getting disqualified from the match for a safety reason is not fun.

    I shot USPSA on Sunday's last year, but due to a schedule change, I could only shoot Steel Challenge on Saturday's this year. There is what I consider to be a sizable difference between Steel Challenge and the "run and gun" type matches. For experienced competitive shooters, some may consider this borning. For newer competitive shooters, Steel Challenge is a great place to start IMHO.

    My son and I have been to a couple of matches at Warsaw so far this year. We have both enjoyed the experience and were happy to see how encouraging everyone was. I am confident you will enjoy it also.
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    Warsaw is a great place to shoot. Get ready to have fun. Make sure you tell then when you sign in that it is your first steel challenge match.

    You shoot five strings for each stage, so have enough magazines to get through the stage (25 rounds per stage, with no misses). They are shooting four stages so, with no misses, you will need 100 rounds minimum for each gun you shoot. If the stages are not "official" steel challenge stages they could throw in an extra target, so bring plenty of ammunition, just in case you do miss.

    Rimfire pistols start from low ready, so no holster needed. If you are shooting a larger caliber pistol you will need a holster. Rimfire and pistol caliber rifles also start from the low ready.

    If you have a .22 rifle I recommend shooting it, it is great fun.

    You can find plenty of videos on youtube of Steel Challenge, but here is one I like:

    The shooting starts at about the 2:30 mark. It shows all 8 official stages.

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    Jump in TR! Don't worry or over think it. Read up on the commands. Watch a few youtubes and maybe look up the diagrams for the SC stages. Tons of fun to be had. BONUS: the weather is supposed to be cooler this weekend!

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    Thanks for the responses, guys. It's always a little intimidating to show up to events like this for the first time, but my main goal is for it to be a learning experience. There's always value in shooting with better shooters and studying their techniques/habits. I think the psychological part is going to be the biggest challenge for me, but something I've learned thus far is I shouldn't try to go fast.

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    I shot my first ever match of any kind at Warsaw Steel Challenge a few months ago. Everyone was great and more than helpful. As was mentioned before, let them know this is your first match.

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    Come out, bring your gun, and shoot. When jpr came out to shoot his 1st match, I gave him some pointers, as did other seasoned shooters. He had a great time and has been coming back to shoot. I'm sure you will have a similar experience. Looking forward to shooting with you.

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