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    Steel Challenge at Atlanta Conservation Club - 19 October 2019

    We still have room for more shooters at the monthly Steel Challenge Match at Atlanta Conservation Club. $20 for the first gun and $15 for each additional gun. There's a division for just about every gun. Registration at 0900 - don't be late.

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    $35.00 for 2 guns is outrageous. Get online with all the other clubs in Indiana. $15.00 for 1 gun and $5.00 for the 2nd. Or even $20.00 for 1st and $5.00 for the 2nd. Jeez!
    Shoot Steel, HHRP Monday Night Steel and SCSA at SCGC

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    Great weather, great people and "fun" stages...


    Remember to use what Mother Nature gave you BEFORE Father Time takes it away!!!!

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