Hello all!

Itís time for a new USPSA Section Coordinator to take the reigns! This is typically a two year term, and is a position that is voted on by the match directors in the section. If youíre a member of USPSA and would like to throw your hat in the ring please make it known! The section coordinator helps as a point of contact for affiliated clubs, those looking to get affiliated, and is active in organizing and running the yearly section championship match.

We do currently have some interest in the position so donít worry about no one stepping up, but if you would like to be considered for the spot please let me know! USPSA is a volunteer driven organization and can not exist without the help of those who love to shoot.

Letís set a timeframe of mid November for anyone interested in the next term for IN Section Coordinator. If interest please let me know. Contact info can be found on the uspsa website or you can PM me here on INGO.

Andrew Heath

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