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    South Central Gun Club 3 November USPSA Match

    USPSA Match at SCGC 3 November

    Could be the last match of the year. Come out before the cold hits.
    Set up Saturday 2 November at 9am. Set up help shoots for FREE.
    6 Stages and about 180 rds. Looks like 5 field courses and a Classifier.* Or something similar to that.
    Final target set at 8am Sunday, Sign in at 9am go Hot at 10am.
    As always need ROs


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    Not going to make this one.

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    The match is ON!!! Supposed to be 40 degrees at 10am!!! Craig and Paul will be in SHORTS.

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    Sharpshooter masterdekoy's Avatar

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    Should be able to help set up. Itís a rare quiet weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sv40sw45 View Post
    Craig and Paul will be in SHORTS.
    Commando never did it for me.

    Hoping I have worked through the mysteries of setting an alarm clock and noting when a match starts this time.
    In a perfect world liberals would taste good and be easy to field dress.

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    Great match today!

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    Scores posted Thank you to everyone that helped and shot today.

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    Great day on the range, fun stages and great squad.
    Thanks to everyone that helped setup and run the match and tear down.
    Thanks Craig and Max( hope your back gets better Max).

    Another BIG shout out to Steve who set up a couple of stages during the week but didn't even get to shoot the match.

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    Sharpshooter masterdekoy's Avatar

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    Great match! The weather was a little cold but not overly so. Thanks to all the ROs and setup help. Some of the stages were deceptively challenging.

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