When: Thursday, 11/7/2019, at 6:15pm.

Where: ProTEQ Firearms Academy, 3057 W County Rd. 1200 N, Brazil, IN 47834.

What: The first, third, and fifth THURSDAY's of each month will be Steel Plate Rack Tournaments. Bring 150 rounds for each gun you plan to shoot. 6:15PM-8:15PM. Sign-ups start at 5:45PM. Course of fire is mainly a head's up competition between two shooters to see who can shoot down all of their plates the fastest. Tournament is set up in Round Robin Format, so every shooter gets to shoot the same amount of times no matter their skill level. Winner gets a small prize and bragging rights on the Facebook Page.

Cost: $10 for first gun registration, $5 each for second and third guns. Center-fire pistol ammunition and rim-fire are allowed. Production, Revolver, Open, and PCC (with or without optics) divisions allowed. Most people shoot production pistol.

Venue Information: Refreshments and food available at most matches. Fires at each shooting station during the winter months. Minimal walking from parking lot to the steel bay. Parking is available near the bay for handicapped shooters. Lights are turned on as the sun sets, as we shoot in the dark during the winter months.

Directions to Steel Bay: Go to intersection of 1200 N and 300 W. Turn South on 300 and drive approximately 100 yards. Enter driveway on west side of the road and drive south down the driveway that parallels 300 W. Park in the large parking lot at the bottom of the hill. The Steel Bay is located just west of the parking lot, facing north into the large hillside. Additional options available for handicapped shooters.