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    Riley CC 22 cal Groundhog Match 26 April 2020

    Riley CC Groundhog Match, 26 April
    Signup 11:00, Match begins 12:00

    Match Overview: 22 rim fire match. 1300 ftps max. 50 round match with unlimited sighter rounds. Shooters will engage paper bullseye targets/groundhog targets at 110 yards, 165 yards, and 200 yards. Lewis class payout.
    Cost: $20.00 Adult, $15.00 4H member, 4H member with paying adult is free
    Match restrictions: Can be shot from the bench or prone position. Shooters may use a front and rear rest but the rests must not be connected. Cannot use pointed posts that will gouge the bench. Multiple magazines are allowed. Wind indicators will be positioned at each berm.
    Targets: Paper bullseye targets inside the silhouette of a groundhog.
    110 yard Peeking Groundhog targets are about the same size as the body of a 1/5 scale ram. Each shooter will have one non scoring sighter target and 4 peeking groundhog targets taped to a cardboard backer.
    165 yard Resting Groundhog targets are the size of a 3/8 scale rams body. Shooters will have a sighter target and three resting groundhog targets on a cardboard backer
    200 yard Alert Groundhog targets are also the size of a 3/8 scale ram body. Shooters will have one sighter target and three alert groundhog targets on a cardboard backer
    Scoring: 5 shots per target. Shots inside the bullseye will be scored according to the ring punctured. Shots outside the bullseye but within the groundhog outline will score one point. Shots outside the outline count zero.
    Shooters will score their own targets. If there are more than 5 shots in a target only the 5 lowest scoring rounds will be scored. If a shooter engages someone else’s target the lowest scoring round on that target will be discarded.
    Format/Premise: 15 minutes per relay. 3 relays (110, 165, 200 yards) per match. A total match will consist of 10 targets, (5 rounds per target).
    For more information:` Call Bill at (812) 864 2603 or Max at (812) 249 8303
    Inclement weather cancelation will be posted on INGO site and Riley CC facebook NLT 7:00 a.m.
    Discussion invited.

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    Correction on cost: $15.00 Adult, $10.00 Junior. Junior with paying adult, free

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    Welcome Eldon. Good description of the COF and rules. Care to talk to us about who should attend? New shooters? National Match contenders only? Maybe talk a little about what equipment one should bring and what type of rifles folks use.

    Would you see mostly custom match rifles or will people bring their 10/22 with a 2-7X scope?

    Sounds like fun. I'm going to check my calendar!
    Anything is possible

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    Open to any shooters. Bring a front and rear support for your rifle,(no one piece supports). A spotting scope would be handy. Most shooters use a bolt action with a good scope. I shoot a CZ with a Vortex 5-24 scope, and consider my equipment pretty average. This is not a cut throat competition, we are looking to provide everyone a good experiance.

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    This should be a fun match. The scoring rings provide an alternative to shooting steel.

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    Sounds awesome, I'll try to be there

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    The Riley CC Groundhog match scheduled for 26 April has been postponed. Once a new date has been selected info will be posted to INGO and the Riley CC web page.

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