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    Friday Night Steel at Marion County Fish & Game

    F.N.S. at M.C.F.&.G. This Friday we will be using Practiscore for this match we have 60 spots open so please use the link below.
    Set up at 5:00 help would be appreciated
    Sign in after set up
    Shooters meeting at 6:15 you must attend the meeting to shoot
    Please remember we are a cold range no gun handling unless at the safe table
    $10.00 for club members $15.00 for non members

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    We still have a few slots open if you want to shoot.
    If you donít get sign up and want to shoot come on out and we will fit you in

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    Thanks to the ROs for keeping us safe, had a good time not my best but it's been awhile

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    Can someone fix my score on stage 4? They gave me a 36??? Paper shows 27.72. Lol. Not sure who was doing the calculations that round but you must have fat fingers lol.

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    Thanks to all the people who helped with set up! The ROs also did a great keeping the match safe and smooth. Hope to see you next month

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    Nice to shoot FNS again. Hope to shoot better next time!

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    Hereís a PSA: After setting zero on your Carry Optics Red Dot, use the lock feature of your Red Dot and lock Zero...

    Mine went exit stage right on the third stage.

    Remember to use what Mother Nature gave you BEFORE Father Time takes it away!!!!

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