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Thread: Carry Gun Match at Parabellum July 15 2020

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    The scores are up. Thanks to everyone for coming out and shooting tonight we had a great crowd. Kevin and Trevor got off to a good start running things. They will be taking the reigns from now until Christmas time at least. Please help them out and be gentle. They are good guys but just not as experienced as I am.

    I have to take some time off to fight cancer. I cannot be out in the public while doing radiation and chemo and recovering from surgery. Hope to be back in January but that is in God's hands. Carry Gun matches will continue at Parabellum. USPSA will not continue.

    See you all soon.
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    Oh no! Praying for a speedy recovery Coach! You got this!

    Last night was awesome, definitely needed to relieve some stress as well! Stage plans were short and sweet that packed in a lot of fundamentals. A lot of shooters that I wasnt expecting and a couple of new faces as well. I dont think anybody got DQd

    Will be helping Trevor as much as possible.

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