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Thread: Server status

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyG View Post
    Yea, im pretty sure i fingered out whats causing the issue for these time frames, if you noticed the time period changed to the "midnight" time frame dependent on your timezone, at this point, ill have to discuss this issue w/ Fenway to eliminate the issue for good, but for now, just pre-occupy your time when it hangs, with going and shooting something!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ant-test View Post
    And what were the test results?
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
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    Positive for dual personality, ant-test said he was going to ban you Bunny, but i talked him out of it.....

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    Was getting a bunch of 502/503 errors this morning. Not sure if it was the site or my connection, though. Other sites seemed to be fine.
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    I had those this AM also, no issues now

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    I saw it too.

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    KLB is online now
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    You all imagined it
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    Quote Originally Posted by KLB View Post
    You all imagined it
    Hillary did it.

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