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    The Passing of an INGO Member


    A good member of our outfit here, Eric Rader, died of heart complications last night. You will know him as Epsylum on the boards.

    I wish their family safety and warmest regards at their loss. His father is also a member here, jimbo-indy.

    We was a great range officer at Eagle Creek Shooting Range and a trusted friend. A man with more knowledge of guns and life, I cannot find one. He will be missed and never replaced.

    I ask the community to pray for Eric's family and the hard road ahead.
    It's over for now... it seems... until yesterday begins again...tomorrow...

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    God speed to him and the family.

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    They have my prayers, I wish them well and comfort in their grief.

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    OH! I'm so sorry to hear that! Our thoughts and prayers will be with them.

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    His family is in my prayers.
    /l ,[_],
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    Prayers have been offered. May God bless the family. This must be terribly difficult.

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    Our prayers to him and his family.


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    Sorry for their family's loss.

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