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Thread: A new chapter for INGO

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    And I just got to 3,500 posts...

    Best of luck, and thanks for building a great place to hang out online
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    Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.
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    So does this mean the INGO store will finally open?

    (too soon?)

    Congrats Fenway. Welcome to the peanut gallery.
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    A confused cop is an arresty cop.
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Thanks for letting us hooligans have a playground
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    Jagee makes Beetlejuice look like a *****!

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by jagee View Post

    Thanks for letting is hooligans have a playground
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    OK, going to cheat some and post my intro I used to say hey to the mods

    My name is Kevin Willingham. I am a gun owner from Texas, been here all my live and now live in Sanger. My wife is severely disabled, I 100% care for her daily so working online works well for me. I used to be in QA, last a Supplier Quality Engineer and Lear Corp for over 5 years. With her health worsening I left all that behind to come home and care for her.

    I come in very humbly to this group, looking at this place it is already great. We are small and this may be our last forum. I will be spending much time reading threads and such and trying to learn as much as possible. I also am online daily. With my wife’s care I spread my work out all day from the time I get up until I go to bed. I have no desire to change the operations and only want to be here as I am needed, a support, mod a certain area like ads, whatever you guys feel is needed. Also any site improvements (not that they are needed) please also let me know.

    I want to stress here I cannot imagine there are changes needed here other than anything positive needed going forward like getting the store up and running, etc...

    Look forward to meeting everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texkev View Post
    Look forward to meeting everyone.
    Well, I ain't always right but I've never been wrong,
    seldom turns out the way it does in a song.
    Once in a while you get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    You'll do fine, texkev. We are a strong family here. Your situation is no different than the lives that some of our members carry today.

    Just sayin' - be patient, we have our moments. And then we get over it..
    "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
    - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    Welcome to INGO

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    Howdy neighbor!

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    Congrats Texkev on you and the Misses new venture! This is a awesome group. I think you are going to enjoy this place and have a good time with it.

    Fenway, Thanks for getting all this started. It's gonna be different with out you at the helm. Best wishes in what ever you do!


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