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Thread: Site Down - Change

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    In my experience running forums:

    1. Plan ahead and announce the downtime to the userbase.
    2. Test the changes in a migration environment/page.

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    I get this now when navigating the website on my iPhone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldirector View Post
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    Yep the plugins are off temporarily while we try and figure out which is causing the issue, still working on it
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    Ammo and Long Guns are missing in the Classifieds
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    Yesterday was a bad day for computers. When I kept getting the error message(s) on INGO using Firefox on my Linux system (running from a thumb drive), I tried downloading Chrome and managed to screw up my thumb drive. Went to log in to Windows, and my user profile can't be loaded for some reason so now I can't get to my Windows system to fix the Linux drive. I have my Windows machine backed up, but again, since I can't log in to Windows, I can't restore it from the backup. Arggghhh! At least DoggyMama doesn't use her machine much so I'm using it for now.

    Most of what I'm seeing has already been reported with the site. I noticed the missing classified categories (Long Guns and Ammunition). I usually browse the classifieds as soon as I get on INGO. The last error message I was getting before everything went kaput yesterday was something about this site not using a valid or supported form of compression? Whatever that means... apparently that error has been corrected though.

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    The "unread posts" button is missing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snuffy33 View Post
    Ammo and Long Guns are missing in the Classifieds
    They aren't missing, but instead of being listed from top to bottom, sub-forums are now listed left to right and top to bottom making them easy to overlook.

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    TK, how much money is in the Mental Anguish Fund? Probably not enough.


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    The reputation isn't working properly. It won't let you give points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanVoils View Post
    The reputation isn't working properly. It won't let you give points.
    Nice try
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