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    Worked for me. Not real big on that type of camo of the hat. Blech!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ACC View Post
    Seems like the 200 years shirt is now available on Amazon, but not any of the other shirts.
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    When you go to this link INGO Short Sleeve T-Shirt ? Indiana Gun Owners Gear for the INGO Shield Shirt...

    And then click BUY PRODUCT, you get routed to this link which is to buy the 200 Years Shirt.

    Also....when you click this link INGO Indiana 200 Years of Freedom T-Shirt ? Indiana Gun Owners Gear to buy the 200 years shirt....and click BUY PRODUCT...

    It takes you to this link... which is the same link to the 200 year shirt as above.

    Basically, it appears there is still no way to buy the INGO shield shirt....which is the one I want!!!

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    I also just have to add that IMHO the INGO gear here is way outdated. Someone needs to spruce up and modernize this gear. Or at least do something like Cafe Press so people can choose their own gear to put the logo on.

    EDIt: The Cafe Press option does exist!

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    I like the new color scheme on the 200 Years shirt.
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    Question, do the have hats?

    I'd like an INGO baseball cap.

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