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    My Site Supporter PayPal confusion

    INGO is a great site with a great bunch of people.
    I had wanted to be a Site Supporter for several years, but was under the impression I had to open a PayPal account to do it.
    Yesterday I finally realized I could use my credit card without having to open a PayPal account.
    Long time coming but glad I got past my "denseness" and did it.
    Glad to be onboard.

    Here's the path.
    UserCP > Paid Subscriptions > Order > Order Using PayPal > Pay With Debit Or Credit Card

    When you get to this point, you're given the choice of using a PayPal account, or just paying with a debit or credit card (as i did).
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    Finally realized you just cant get 50 QUALITY posts?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    A confused cop is an arresty cop.
    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameramonkey View Post
    Finally realized you just cant get 50 QUALITY posts?
    GCA, Life Member GOA, SAF, NRA & ISRPA

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    Thanks for supporting INGO!
    NEW website is complete!! In the big leagues now.

    Firearm Accessories - Tactical Gear - Ammo - Optics

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    I still care....Really
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    Ed I am glad you made the leap. And welcome.

    AKA..Thor. Odin son. God of thunder.
    But you can call me John.....Force.

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