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    Grabill Country Meats

    Ordered a variety pack of their canned meats (they ship by the case of 12 only). Threw some egg noodles on to boil. Added the beef meat and some canned mushrooms. Touch of butter. OUTSTANDING!! Can't wait to try the chicken, turkey, and pork items.

    I would suggest that you look them up on the web and get hold of them. Precooked with a long shelf life. $63.00 plus shipping gets you 12 24 oz cans of almost instant food. I know what I'll be stocking up my larder with now.

    Grabill Country Meats, Grabill, IN (just NE of Ft Wayne). ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info).

    No affiliation other than a pleasantly full belly.

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    Some of the Ft. Wayne walmarts also carry it for anyone only wanting to try a can. We know the Manly family down by Decatur/ Monroe area and usually buy from them , but I would have to say this Grabil brand is every bit as good and a little better priced.
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    And if you hunt, can your own venison. You will like it.

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    We have used the pork for a long time, makes excellent pork BBQ. Empty can into pan, add favorite BBQ sauce, stir. It doesn't get any easier.

    It sells at Martin's Supermarket and D&R here in Logansport.
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    Hey Steve-
    What is the shelf life on those?

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    I'm all ears on this....easy to buy/store canned veggies, water, noodles, but its' not a meal without meat, and the odds of finding some meat to kill/eat everyday if SHTF is slim.

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    The company says a minimum of 5 year shelf life , but in reality, perhaps twice that. There is an "aroma" when you open the can that you can't put your finger on, but no big deal. The meat is processed in the can, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    The chicken is every bit as good as the beef. Some rice, salsa, peas, mushrooms,onion, butter, a couple favorite seasonings and I was 1 happy camper for 2 days.

    Pork Bar B Que is next on the menu. Or perhaps bean soup with the canned pork? Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

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    Since all the oxygen is removed during the heating process when canning, there is no potential for the food to go bad. There are no expiration dates required. I have been told that a can on the shelf for 10 years tasted like it just came off the line.

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    Canning I have seen that a buldged can is an indicator of botulism and to avoid it. How can you detect that in a mason jar? Is there a test strip kit to test the food when you open a can or jar?

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