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    Good on ya for humping a ruck at 73. You are an inspiration.

    My ruck weighs in around 45 pounds. Thats with water. Not too much heavy stuff in there. I keep fighting loads to my 1st or 2nd line gear. I can cover 10 miles in 3 hours at a solid, 15 minute per mile pace w/ breaks for water, foot checks etc. At 20 miles a day, my performance will degrade, but I can plough on. I've done 21 miles in 7 hours before with my BoB and an AK.

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    Additional equirment required after "50"

    I check glucose readings each hour. Gotta carry insulin and needles, but I can nearly do a check and injection (if needed) on the fly. Got a tiny shrapnel bit in one knee, but the drugs help me so I can walk. Can't do any MRI due to my pace-maker. (Yeah, I'm almost a $6,000,000 man, thanks to 'Nam and the V.A.) Takes me an hour to push-mow our lawn, and a bit less to reach the first "point" of group rendezvous. I am really trying to do better; I'd like to get "the mission" done on only a single pain-tab. Body is weird: some days the knee does not hurt at all. Others are $(&H%!S)&^^>><<?/, y'know? I'm humping only a 24-hr BOB on my shoulders, plus three disposable "canteens" of 3-liter pop-jugs. I find that the 3-l jugs are easier to Bi$$ in if I need to avoid dog-tracking. Real-life BOB, I'll have bought two more large canteens, WITH steel cup ea. Where we live is on a sort of plateau of this county, and luckily, my first point is a bit of a downhill grade. Life seems better, the older I get ! ! ! At least there is fun to be found. But my mistakes tend to be more expensive!! O, BTW, I carry a G-30 , drop-leg, with 4 extended mags on the other leg , and a Camp-Carbine 9mm folder with S&W-59 30-rd mags. set between my pack and my back. I utilized some "expanded-metal" like plastic from a not used any more baby-crib. This stuff is rugged but light-weight, and lets my back get some air circulation. I wove together two pieces with para cord and it's very comfortable. EBG
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    My personal bug out bag.

    This is my BOB. It has enough to last two people 1-2 weeks or 1 person 2-4 weeks. I over do it a little, but I plan to not have to stop for anything.

    Got main bag from for $50 then added multiple molle packs.

    There are a few things not shown, the bottom bag which holds clothes, sleeping bag. And some food not shown. Weighs around 55lbs. Not to bad for me as I move 100lb objects regularly. For protection I have a glock 22 with 100 rds and five 20 rnd mags (+5 extensions). Not shown.

    List of items:
    20 Flints
    1 magnesium firestarter
    2 Bic Lighters
    6 packs instafire
    4 box waterproof matches

    1 camp spice pack 6 spices
    1 jar of peanut butter
    6 cans of white tuna
    4 2400 calorie food bars
    1 bottle of multivitamins
    4 Freeze dried meeal (not pictured)
    6 cans tuna (not pictured)

    150 Pura tabs
    52 4oz water bags
    15 36 water purifying holding bags

    1 Directional Compass
    Guide to stars

    Camp Supplies
    1 multiuse radio solar crank (not pictured)
    100ft paracord
    1 utensil multitool (fork,spoon,etc)
    1 14 pc multitool

    1 deck of cards
    50 zip ties
    3 ball chain 24"
    3 12hr candles

    Protection from elements
    3 Emergency Poncho
    4 heat blankets
    1 7 x 10 reinforced tarp
    Pair of Gloves
    Gerber double use blade (not shown)

    First Aid
    200 pc kit (not pictured)
    400 alcohol wipes (extras for trading)
    1 roll medical tape
    21 pc firsy aid kit
    4 Antibiotic sprays
    1 Bottle of visine
    3 10pk Bottles Advil
    1 stick burts bees chap stick
    24 anti dierhea tabs
    2 latex gloves

    1 Small tube toothpaste
    1 Coppertone sport Sunscreen 30SPF
    3 rolls campers tp
    4oz camp soap
    2 tooth burshes
    1 pack kleenex
    3 latex condoms (You never know)

    1 bottle hand sanitize
    1 1oz Bens Bug repellent

    Misc tools
    2 pens
    1 sharpie green
    1 small composite book
    1 rope saw
    1 small led flashlight
    2 shake lights
    2 cheap whistles
    1 small radio w/4 batteries
    3 d ring clips
    12 zip lock bags
    Small sewing kit
    - tube of super glue
    - measuring tape
    - small snips foldable
    -seam splitter
    -assorted pretheaded needles
    -assorted safety pins
    -self contained

    I would rather be prepared and nothing happen, then SHTF and not have any toilet paper...

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    QuikClot is in mine. IN a true SHTF situtation I feel much more comfortable having it! You can always find it at Indy 1500 for a reasonable price.

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    QuikClot is vary good to have I also carry fishing line hooks etc. three large and two small trash bags, so many uses and fishing line has alot of uses. Duck tape is another multi use item

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    don't forget dental floss and fingernail clippers. If I have to spend two weeks in the woods hiding under logs and such it's going to be miserable if it's this freaking hot outside! Pass the bug juice and the AC.

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    To the guys that have posted their loadouts, how much would that stuff cost? I was going to spend some money at Bradis but I'd rather have a b.o.b. set up instead.

    Here's what I've already got:

    A Kabar
    A Gerber hatchet
    Quickclot and bandages...need more first aid
    A large Alice w/ frame
    A quality pocket knife
    2 qt collapsible canteen
    wool blanket
    Dynamo flashlights
    ...and that's all I have I could use on the top of my head that's in my anyways how much would getting a complete, basic pack put together, and at what cost?

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    The price of the contents in your BOB is what's going to drive the price. I think in simple terms of food, water, shelter, first aid, and a means to retain mylife (gun). To add some food, a water filter, a tarp, and a gun to your kit could be as low as another $300 uptowards a couple thousand. BOB costs are all over the place and it all depends on what you want in yours. I just looked at my inventory in my BOB and just ballparking without the gun I'd be carrying it's around $600 worth of stuff. Mine is a large alice on the frame, with the most expensive components being the 6 loaded AR mags, MRE's, katadyn water filter & spare filter. Otherwise it's just all the small items that add up cost before you know it.

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    Here is my BOB


    3 bic lighters
    zippo lighter
    2 farro rods
    2 steel wool
    2 metal containers of dryer lint
    Murray hair gel with cotton balls (This stuff burns very well)
    200' cotton string

    First Aid
    200 band-aids
    20 large cloth bandage
    super glue*
    Hand sanitizer
    Cutter bug spray
    50 alcohol wipes
    Advil bottle
    2 finger nail clippers

    Machete (has saw blade built in) **
    Bolt cutters
    Wire saw
    wire cutters
    1 folding knife
    2 large knife
    2 Channel lock pliers
    Duct tape*
    3 rolls electrical tape*
    super glue*
    200' Wire*
    2 compass
    2 Flash lights
    1 LED lantern

    Protection from elements
    Tarp 10x8
    85' para cord (three pieces 50', 10', and 25')
    5 emergency blankets

    Food Gathering
    30 small fish hooks
    20 medium size fish hooks
    250' 15 pound fishing line
    20 fishing swivels
    200' snare wire*

    FOOD Stuff (not all pic)
    2 Stainless steel water bottles
    2 stainless steel bowls
    10 Snack bar packs
    2 Peanut butter jars
    20 pack noddles
    2 Beef jerky

    *these items have muilt purpose
    **Machete will go on belt but is on bag to keep them together.

    I know my food stuff is a bit low. And I could use to bulk up my first aid kit also.

    I plan on picking up a few large trash bags for ponchos or tarps.

    The kit is less then $175 and took about 2 months to build

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    I put small "pen" type bug spray and bite/sting relief into mine, as well. The bug spray isn't a huge amount, but is enough to get through a few days and it weighs next to nothing.

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