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    i woke up at about 130 this morning, and took a look outside, and i could hear sleet, i went back to bed, and woke up again at 6am, i opened facebook and saw that a bread truck was on fire on the northbound twin bridge (between henderson and evansville), it said the tire caught on fire from friction of the tire spinning om the ice, i sent my boss a text saying i wouldnt be in to work (i didnt have anything to do anyway, and told him yesterday, that if it hit as bad as they said, i wouldnt be in).

    at 7 i went out and cleaned my fiance's car off, and doing so, i broke her ice scraper, so about 9 i drove to advance auto to buy another (less than a 1/2 mile round trip), and it was sleeting, i got back home, went back to sleep, and havent been anywhere since.

    i've to chicken and dumplings in the crockpot, and as i type this im listening to about the third firetruck siren today (as of 3pm) and i am now worrying about my daughters, they are at work, and wont get off till 8pm, and it will be their first time attempting to drive in this snow/ice/sleet combination
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    Quote Originally Posted by indiucky View Post
    So that's what this is all aboot???
    ...Eh? You forgot the "eh". You'll never pass as a Canadian with such an obvious faux-pas, eh.
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    I-70 WB Blocked at 147 MM

    Wayne County – Troopers are on the scene of a camper trailer on its side blocking both lanes of I-70 west bound at the 147 mile marker, between the Centerville Rd. and US 35 exits. West bound motorists should avoid the area by exiting at the 149MM-Richmond US 35 exit to SR1 south to I-70, or US 35 to SR 38 to SR1 then south to I-70.
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    Just got home from work and shoveled the walk. We have more than 4" and it's still snowing. Roads were far worse coming home than this morning. Still, I am #INGOSTRONG and will make the 1500.
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    Had to make a round trip to Indy this morning since it was impossible to reschedule an appointment for my passenger. Roads were bad. Morons who wouldn't slow down sometimes paid the price - saw several big trucks and maybe half a dozen smaller vehicles stuck in ditches or the median on I-74. Slow and easy won the race.

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    Still, the weather forecast and TV commercials are more accurate than the news.
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    Roads are dry up here. I-94 in Michigan was dry also. (Finally)

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    Anybody been out and moving, Around Indy yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowwalker View Post
    Still, the weather forecast and TV commercials are more accurate than the news.
    The spinning heads weather guessers have become a joke.

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    Still see lots of grass between the snow and ice here in FW. Absolutely pitiful.
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