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    I have carry a 30' recovery strap and a set of cluster hooks. I will not hook to anyone but family/friends. The last one I did, I had to drag her Jimmy back to her house, because she kept getting stuck in the snow. Then on the way home, again, came across a plastic bumpered sedan that was stuck. I refused to hook up; there was nothing to grab without destroying the plastic bumper. I may stop to see if someone is ok, but I won't offer assistance to get them out, call a tow truck.
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    I remember my Dad being woke up one night by a guy that was stuck in front of our house. The guy offered $25 if my Dad would pull him out of the ditch with his tractor. After my Dad pulled him out and unhooked the chain, the guy took off and never did pay him. Kind of soured me out on pulling anybody out of a ditch except for close friends or family.

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    My recovery strap is in the garage.
    If coyoting tomorrow, proly ought to throw it in the Jeep.

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    Not much you can't move with log chains and a Hi-Lift jack.
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    carpet scrap across the chain/strap can minimize backlash if it separates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoosierkav View Post
    Seeing a few cars off the road this morning made me realize I'm lacking something in the Expedition to be helpful/to be saved.

    Looking online, I learned that I need a recovery strap (with loops) and not a tow strap (with hooks). I also learned that I can put one strap loop through the receiver hitch and secure it with the main pin, and I also learned that I need to get some D-rings/loops in order to use the strap with the front hooks/rings.

    So, #1, what are your recommendations on the D-ring/loop for the front rings and for a recovery strap?

    #2, Youtube has some helpful videos on how to recover a vehicle, but what says the peanut gallery?
    Your talking about the straps that are 8000-10,000 lbs and stretch some.....they use more of a sling shot type performace to help pull cars and trucks out of mud, grass and back onto the road? I've seen them used before and work much better than regular straps and chains. If your talking about yourself getting back on the road you can't beat a winch

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    In today's day and age of distracted drivers, where cops with lights on get crashed into?
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by actaeon277 View Post
    carpet scrap across the chain/strap can minimize backlash if it separates.
    Chains dont snap back / backlash....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay Pigeon View Post
    Chains dont snap back / backlash....
    Standing in the mud helping extract a jeep and the snatch strap (hook on the end) broke. Sailed through the back window of the pick up truck doing the snatching. No one was seriously hurt just some cuts.
    I have a serious tow strap in the truck. It is not a stretch piece. Chains (we have some) are just to darn heavy.
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    From a LONG TIME off-road Jeeper...
    The guys are correct about closed connectors, but they aren't 'D' rings, they are called a shackle. (Anchor Shackle to be precise)
    (Same thing, 'D ring' is just slang).

    You do what you want, but under no circumstances will I ever use a strap or rope with 'Hooks'.
    I've seen them shoot through vehicles like bullets, in the back window, through the headrest and out the windshield!
    I saw a hook let go, it went through a spoke in the grill and clean through the radiator, breaking the fan clutch.

    I will never use any shackle made anywhere but the US. Period.
    Foreign made shackles will get you killed, and I'm not exaggerating.

    I have all Crosby shackles, I've never seen one broken, and I've seen riggers lift HUGE loads, most won't use anything but Crosby.
    They aren't cheap, but you only need one or two if you strap has loops instead of hooks.

    Check the military surplus for straps, there is a big difference between a lift/pull strap and a soggy 'Snatch' strap.
    Military surplus is usually the very best you can get, WAY underated and all rated for suspended loads.
    'Snatch' straps (or ropes) are LONG, the idea is to get a run and let the momentum of the pulling vehicle 'Snatch' or yank the stuck vehicle out.
    Pulls straps usually don't have much sponge or give, they don't stretch, so they are best for pulling instead of yanking.

    Farm kids all know this, so do a lot of horse people...
    When you are going to pull on something (not snatch) the shorter the strap the better.
    Longer straps give leverage to the stuck vehicle, while short straps will pull up as well as forward when someone is in the ditch.
    Pulling up is a big deal, and some guys carry a pipe to stand up in the spare tire as a 'Gin Pole' to get something up and moving.
    Keep in mind, it's not always snow, you OFTEN sink (or bury yourself) in mud trying to get out, and breaking the suction mud gets you have to pull up.

    With a long pull strap, when someone is in the ditch, and the pull vehicle is on the road, the strap will bottom out on the crowned edge of the ditch/roadway, you wind up pulling the stuck vehicle into a dirt/mud bank instead up and out.
    We call this 'Plowing'...
    Ever see someone have to pull someone 100 yards down the ditch to eventually get the stuck vehicle to 'Crown'?...

    Here is a killer tow strap on eBay, that's a $300 strap anywhere else, I almost pushed 'By Now' when I saw it...

    Here is a killer deal on a set of shackles...

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