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    I was in a big, long one (6.3 magnitude in 1984) and thought it was neat. However, both of my co-workers got the whitest scared faces that I have ever seen.
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    I was in a couple while stationed in Commiefornia '83 - '87.
    I was also in the one years later that was close to Kokomo tho closer to a tremor than a true 'quake but it still scared the poo out of my step-dad's father who was from Mayo County, Ireland.
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    I was tending bar in the 80's at a Wanamaker shotgun tavern. My best buddy was drinking on the other side of the bar along with 4-5 others. All the glasses and bottles shook and rattled each other pretty hard. We thought someone crashed their car into the building...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregkl View Post
    My son is stationed there. He didn't feel it on base, but his wife works in Santa Barbara and she felt it. They are getting on a plane tonight at midnight to come visit us. Maybe the "big one" will come in the next couple days and they won't have to go back.
    My son is stationed at 29 Palms, he has been in Vegas since Tuesday night for the week and he felt it.
    I also have a sister on the other side of the fault outside of LA that just felt a little rumble.
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    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    What is Yellowstone
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    6.9 (initially reported as 7.1) last night at 2030hrs, USGS says more to come.
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