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    Wow. That is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rookie View Post
    Was that you pulling out of Casey's the other day?
    It probably was!
    A empty gun is an expensive paper weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith_Indy View Post
    You have a good off-road vehicle, not implying that it isn't capable. I'd take that anywhere.

    BUT gears break, axles break, driveshafts break... replacements are not going to be fed-ex'd overnight. Which I had to do with my first jeep when the coolant expansion tank decided to give out driving past Denver going into the Rockies.

    SHTF - where are you going to get 4.56 gears, cro-moly axles and driveshafts.

    How is that V8 going to do if you have to swap to stock axles and gears? Because SHTF those are the parts you are going to have to swap to if you don't carry spares for every single critical part that can break.

    Just saying, the more custom it is, the less SHTF vehicle it is.

    Axle shafts can be replaced with standard ones out of any TJ with a D44 rear axle which is very common, same with gears if needed- if gears broke then my Jeep would be in a bad situation, I would probably abandon and hoof it. Unless I am lucky enough to have the time to just swap whole axles off of another XJ or TJ then it is no big deal, Jeep parts are extremely interchangable and I could make due with about any Jeep axles if needed. The only custom things that would pose a risk of not being easily replaced is things like the fridge, solar or electronics that control those things- in which case I could lie without those luxuries anyways if I had to. My Jeep still uses a stock driveshaft so those can be found in literally millions of Jeep XJ's all over the united states. I tried to keep my Jeep pretty stock and just use heavier duty parts so I can replace with OEM stuff if on the trail and I broke something.

    And the V8 swap is a big IF because I will probably never do it- plus those axles, gears and driveshaft already in my XJ can take V8 power, driveshaft U joints would be the only weak spot.
    A empty gun is an expensive paper weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Lucky View Post
    U spent more on aftermarket parts than it cost! LOL But it does look so coooool
    Yep, sure did.. lol good quality parts are expensive.
    But a rust free low mileage XJ doesn't come cheep anymore.
    The market has went nuts on them lately- no way i'd pay as much as people are asking for them now.
    A empty gun is an expensive paper weight.
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    I miss my 98 XJ Sport, lifted with OME heavy duty lift. It was such a comfortable and capable vehicle. I sold it after the AC started leaking and it would cost $1500 to fix.

    To the person asking about an EMP or Flare, there are devices you can buy to attach to your battery to mitigate EMP to the electronics on your vehicle. I believe Sootch or someone was talking about them. They are called EMP Shield. I personally donít have experience with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrooks19 View Post
    I have CB, I just dont leave the antenna on- I keep it in the cab. I also bought a Baofeng UV5R I just need to make time to go take the test/classes.

    On the tires- I have ran mud terrains, I will not again. Tread life sucks... I have ran 35k this year alone on my Jeep running BFG KO2's and they're still in great shape.

    As of axles, my rear is a D44 and front is HP D30, both are trussed, regeared to 4.56 gears and have lockers and chromoly axle shafts. Trust me- it can easily handle a V8

    I mean what is more common than the most mass produced small SUV of all time? lol
    and the V8 I would be swapping in IF I ever did is by far Chevrolet's most used engine platform of all time- the LS.

    Parts would be readily available and everywhere...the only issue I would have is finding spare driveshafts since that would be custom. I could carry U-Joints and find them easily
    but the actual shaft itself would not be easy.
    I recently got new tires on my Jeep JK. BFG KMís Mud Terrain, I switched them at 85,000 miles with some tread still on the rear? Proper maintenance of your tires will give tread life, even in M/Tís . My last Jeep I got 65K on the BFG M/Tís , and would have gotten more if I hadnít missed a couple of rotations.

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