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    Which vacuum sealer?

    Looking for recommendations on vacuum sealers. I have a couple of old food savers that have worked well for years. They have started having problems and I can't get parts for them any more, so I replaced them with a newer model that I absolutely hate. The old units would literally vacuum seal bags of soup with no problems. The new unit won't even reliably seal ground deer meat. The slightest bit of blood/moisture will keep it from making a good deal. Seems like everyone I talk to has the same problems. I freeze around 100 lb of ground meat at a time in 1-1/2 lb packages, and I don't have time to freeze it first, pat the bag dry, or add a piece of paper towel to each bag. I need something I can drop the meat in and seal right away. In other words, I'm not interested in modifying my packaging process to accommodate crappy equipment. If I have to do that, I'll go back to using freezer paper for most of it. Sorry, I get irritated every time I think about this worthless piece of crap. Any suggestions on sealers that actually work would be much appreciated.

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    I'm not gonna be much help, my experiences with these POS mirrors yours.
    I started pressure canning my ground venison for this very reason. Picked up one of those brake bleeder kits and a jar sealer for the dry goods.
    Other than spending the big money on a legit commercial sealer, there's not many options.

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    For liquids or moist items a chamber vacuum sealer is the best but the cheapest one will run you $500 or so. You can vac seal water with one.

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    I've used a couple different versions of foodsavers. The nicer one, that holds a roll of bags and has a cool bag cutter, quit sealing. I had to go back to the original cheaper model.

    I have learned that they'll only take so much moisture before the sealing is iffy or the unit begins to act up. If anything is of risk of sending much moisture into the unit, I pre-freeze it.

    All my units are refurbs, bought for really cheap. I still have a backup NIB in storage. I can certainly understand why some would be unhappy with problematic units that they spent $1-200.00 on.

    I'm tuning in for better solutions because I cannot imagine a kitchen without a vacuum sealer. Mine gets used a lot, sometimes for days on end.

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