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    I got mine a few weeks ago, first one ever. We have a new grandson, and I guess itís a thing now for pediatricians to bug everybody involved to get a flu shot. I got mine to get my wife and daughter off my back. Got the shot at Kroger clinic, and had no after effects.
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    INGOMike is correct. It's a bet. But they have an unusually high percentage of being right. So I get one. My poor Dad was one of those who got sick as a dog from it the first two times he got one back in the 70s. Scared us both away for years. But given what I've seen about CDC's success rate of guessing which strains will be prevalent, and given what I know about how much the flu sucks,. Imma get the shot.
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    I wanted the high dose flu shot, but every place was out, so I got two regular shots, as per my doctor.

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    Teaching high school shop and driving a bus route daily, yeah, I'm getting it! First time in college the shot "made me sick". So I didn't get it again and a couple years later, wife and I laid on opposing couches and thought we were dying. Gotten one ever since. Got my second pneumonia shot this year.

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