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    making own powdered eggs?

    Anyone make their own powdered eggs? One blog discussed making scrambled eggs and dehydrating them. Then they did the same without cooking them. 2ish vs 16-ish hours in the dehydrator. I have a really good one. Wondering if others have had success doing their own, then vacuum sealing or mylar sealing them for storage.

    The disadvantage is the time to make enough for a 10# can. The advantage is eggs are (currently) cheap and the machine can work while I am asleep and/or at work.

    Goal is to be able to use the eggs for either cooking as eggs or in cooking, when eggs are called for. So keeping them raw option seems best.

    May experiment this weekend. Your success? Failures? Thoughts?
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    I was actually just reading about doing the same thing today after I couldn't find anymore powdered eggs in stock anywhere. I might give it a try this weekend as well.

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    Are powdered eggs much more expensive than all this you intend to do?
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    . Are powdered eggs much more expensive than all this you intend to do?
    That's my big question. How much is a #10 can of powdered eggs?
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    What about pickled hard boiled?

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    When we have excess eggs, my wife will crack them in a dish 2 at a time ,mix them then freeze in individual bags or containers, when needing 2 eggs for a recipe she thaws and uses them. as to dehydrating we figured up time and cost and it is cheaper to buy in # 10 cans

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