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Thread: Sit-rep in your area?

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    Sit-rep in your area?

    Don't know if it is the right place for this, but thought it would be helpful for INGO to keep each other updated on their area situation. I'm in southern Newton county and the well know toilet paper hoarding has hit here too. Also seems to be a run on cold medicine, disinfectant wips, hand sanitized and potatoes.

    Living near the Illinois state line means that we have been overrun with people from Illinois buying up everything they can get their hands on. They, for the most part, haven't caused too many problems. However, the local police have had to get involved a few times. This is normally a quiet "Mayberry" type of town, so this a little disturbing to say the least. Other than the Illinois invaders, every that we know around here is taking all of this in stride with a bit of humor and neighborly assistance.

    So INGO, how are things holding up in your areas?
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    I live in Henry County and went to the New Castle Wal-Mart to get a few things (mostly comfort foods). I am a minor league prepper so I took care of stuff like toilet paper years ago.

    There wasn't a sheet of toilet paper or a paper towel to be purchased at any price. I am guessing the stock in the back had also ran out and they will be waiting on resupply from trucks at some point since we are maybe three days into the panic buying. The Soup and cold medicine was about 80-90% gone. Bread was about 95% gone. Lysol and cheap napkins gone. There was about 6 bottles of bleach left on the shelf. Looked like the lunch meat, cheese and chicken were about half empty. I didn't check bottled water or milk. I did not see people pushing two carts full of stuff and the lines were non-existent even with the store fairly busy.

    Other than the panic buying and shortages everything else seems normal.
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    Southeast Boone County.

    Reasonably normal. There was a run on the local Meijer and Costco last Thursday, but not entirely insane.

    Dinner last night and brunch this morning had smaller crowds but not dead. Brunch was likely the result of some large local churches not having service, and the resultant post church crowds eating at home.

    Really don't see the need for some of what is transpiring. Focus on those most at risk and let the rest of the economy continue to operate. If some of the Governors have there way, they may well induce a recession where one otherwise would not have occurred.
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    I haven't left the house since Friday night, which is a normal weekend for me, but it's been oddly quiet outside. Normally with this kind of weather my hillbilly neighbors are out making all sorts of noise all day long, but there's been hardly a peep today.

    I could get used to this!

    Elkhart county repping.

    ...also, my idiot ex girlfriend lives in Newton County, her inability to put 2 dollars together for the entire 11 years we were together is one of the things the ended the relationship, and I'm sort of happy to hear that is finally going to catch up with her as she had neither the cash nor the credit to prepare for this even if she wanted to. I don't want her to die, but, I don't mind some pain given what I went through there... Anyhow. Here I sit with a house full of food and TP.

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    Monroe County. Not a lot to report out here in the sticks, yet...

    Daughter says the Bloomington restaurant she works at was terribly slow yesterday lunch. She somehow was able to bail on the dinner shift that she would normally have worked also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwframe View Post
    Monroe County. Not a lot to report out here in the sticks, yet...

    Daughter says the Bloomington restaurant she works at was terribly slow yesterday lunch. She somehow was able to bail on the dinner shift that she would normally have worked also.
    No cases here as of earlier today anyway. I'm still going out and my company is still having me come into the office even though I can work just as well at home.

    I ate a Mcalisters on Friday. It was pretty slow. Tomorrow I will hit one of the restaurants I usually can't find a parking spot for. I'm sure I will find one.
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    Hamilton County. I just returned from a cruise to find no toilet paper, handi wipes, bread and a lot of meat all missing from several places like Meijer and Walmart, Kroger. I was just wanting to restock like I always do when returning to the U.S. I try to use all perishable goods before I go away for 2 weeks and restock when I return. I overheard some conversations that the "panic" hit Noblesville when cases were confirmed in surrounding cities.

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    I'm right where Marion county and Hendricks county meet.

    People have started panic buying guns and ammo. It may of been going on for a little while but I just noticed it this weekend.
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    Just took the trash to the corner... No armed patrols or violence in the streets. I'm calling it a win.

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    Carmel - Run on TP, paper towels, fresh meat, pasta, bread, kid foods such as soup, crackers, frozen pizza, Ramen, and bananas... basically a months worth of groceries purchased in 5 days. All items were being bought as fast as they could be stocked but some items that have returned to being stocked in limited quantities. Fresh meat, bread, and paper towels were back today... still no TP on shelves.

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