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    Quote Originally Posted by bwframe View Post
    What have you learned during the pandemic?

    About your preps?

    About your hardware?

    About your skills/training?

    About other preparedness?

    Note - Everyone loves clever comedy and joking responses. There are lots of threads for that. It would be great if we could keep this thread on point to be productive for one and all.

    Preps - Are good, we stay several months ahead in consumable items, and I have a (not large enough) stash of long term storage food that will get us past the majority of the sheep. Need to expand that after things return to normal...

    Hardware - No problem there. Generator is ran and tested every few months, got tools and knowledge to fix things around the home, weapons... heh... got a couple. Also several good hiking water filters and a home-made Big Berkey style filter.

    Skills/Training - Unemployed (now) aircraft mechanic. Pretty handy with my hands... Uncle Sam gave me a little training many years ago, but things like that stick with you.

    Other - Never figured on losing my job so quickly. It took no time for the airlines to park most of their fleet, effectively cutting off regional airlines at the knees. My company went from flying and profitable to belly up in weeks. The margins are so thin. I will take my skills and move them to another field that will not be hit so hard and quickly in an economic crisis like this. I will be very picky in my job choice when I have the chance, take the first thing I can at first then shop myself carefully. Need to build up my cash reserves big time. I hope with our expenses reduced during all of this, I can hoard some cash now with the gov checks and my unused (3 weeks) vacation time being paid out with my last check if unemployment kicks in at an increased rate.

    Open to suggestions...
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    What have you learned during the pandemic? I have learned that there seems to be 2 kinds of people. Those that take it seriously, and those that should.....

    About your preps? Found we were a little light in the comfort food area. Basics are good. We won't starve by any means, but need to diversify a little more.

    About your hardware? No issues in this area. Municipal supplies are not ending any time soon, but still prepared if they would.

    About your skills/training? Can always learn more, but feel confident in current abilities.

    About other preparedness? Went through my GHB....found some outdated items that need replaced, and some dead batteries. Batteries replaced, but outdated items will need to be ordered. Need to add a couple more items as well.
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    I just realized that I had been counting on my respirator to protect me, but never put any thought into protecting other people from me if I get sick. The respirator just dumps unfiltered air straight out of my mouth into the atmosphere.

    So... I'll be needing some face masks or a full-on chemical rig or something in the future.

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    I hear there's really only one way to really keep it contained...


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    Quote Originally Posted by rosejm View Post
    I hear there's really only one way to really keep it contained...

    I didn't know you could order plastic bags from "those" websites.

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    I learned that a lot of people think they're immune or a quarantine doesn't apply to them. Reconfirmed that people are idiots.
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    We are not preppers but we keep a decent amount of things on hand. Wife sat and figured it out that we have 60 normal dinners worth of stuff on hand plus about the same amount of lunches but only about 20 days worth of breakfasts. I will change that tomorrow when I make a grocery run.
    Hardware wise I am lacking at this point. Sold several handguns and long guns the past year to help a family member with medical bills. still enough to arm all of us in the house with a handgun and long gun but sadly not all with the type I want them armed with.
    We have not felt the need to panic buy anything (including TP) because we keep things on hand to be comfortable.

    BUT 2 nights ago I had something fall on my hand, I knew I broke something but tried to splint it and ice hoping the swelling would go down. But after 36 hours it was not going down. So today I had to go to the urgent care (wore a N95 mask and gloves the entire time) and they confirmed I broke a couple of bones in the hand. I will be off work the next 6-8 weeks and had to expose myself to potentially sick people to get treatment. I am mad at myself that a simple mistake put myself at a increased risk. It was a eyeopener that no matter how prepared I was simple mistakes can ruin everything. Increased exposure risk, loss of dominant hand and cash reserves will need to be used being out from work the next 2 months.

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    The big area where I've been caught short on supplies is food for my animals. I'm now rotating food through 5gal buckets so that I don't have to go out as often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    I learned that a lot of people think they're immune or a quarantine doesn't apply to them. Reconfirmed that people are idiots.
    As there was ever any real doubt.
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    I have ordered 2x now mylar bags and O2 absorbers from PackFreshUSA. First time was right before the panic. Second was in the middle of it. Both times stuff came fast. Second time was slower than the first, but nothing I was worried about. Just a couple of days.

    I like that they included a note in the second apologizing for the delay and that they upgraded my bags to thicker ones. Great instructions came with everything.

    Had to share.

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