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    My nda expires soon, what you want to know....

    "I know of you"

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    Who done it?

    Need help posting Pictures? GO HERE for imgur

    How to embed a YouTube video....

    # 22951

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    Midnight Rider

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    Go ahead, tell us what we need to know. What secrets are you sitting on?
    Done, done, and Im on to the next one...

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    Who really shot JR Ewing?

    DB Coopers real name?

    Where do all the socks go that disappear in the laundry room?

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    Tetsu ōkami Ruger_Ronin's Avatar

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    Lucky for me my new dancing attire does not expire. OU812.

    "You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent"-Fundamentals of chess 1883

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    Who really killed JFK
    Where is Jimmy Hoffa

    Who put the bomp
    In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp
    Who put the ram
    In the rama lama ding dong

    Who put the bop
    In the bop shoo bop shoo bop
    Who put the dip
    In the dip da dip da dip
    Son, when the Marine Corps wants you to have a wife, you will be issued one. -Chesty Puller

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    Blue-ID Mafia Consigliere KellyinAvon's Avatar

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    Where's Waldo? Who wrote the book of love?
    INGOer #25,448

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    25 or 6 to 4?

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    What does love got to do
    got to do
    got to do
    with it?
    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    Who let the dogs out?

    Necessity is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

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